Sunset stand up paddleboard adventure/We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.

Sunset stand up paddleboard adventure

Sunset stand up paddleboard adventure

Just before sunset, the waves and the winds usually calm down. Let's do SUP while the light goes down. The sunset SUP will make you experience a unique feeling.

Sunset stand up paddleboard adventure

★Highlights of this tour★

Tour details

Adventure name
Sunset stand up paddleboard adventure
1person 8,250円
Kids (under 12yo) 7,150yenTax included
Around 1½ hours
Check-in time
* We can adjust the check-in time according to your schedule. Please “contact us” if you require a later or earlier check-in time. * Please arrive at the shop 15mins before the starting time to fill out the application form and to settle the payment. * Please note that the starting time is adjusted according to the sunset time.


    • ・Minimum of 2 participant required.
    • ・6years old and over
    • ・Pregnant woman are not allowed to join any activities.
    • ・If you are under treatment or currently ill, please check with your doctors if you can join any tour we propose and ask him to write a medical certificate.
    • ・Please refrain from drinking alcohol before the tour. And we kindly ask the customers under the influence not to join the tour.
    • ・The customers under 20year-old without a guardian on site will need a consent from a guardian before the tour.
      (We can send the application form via email in advance)
* If you have any concern to join the marine activity or have physical problem to exercise, please let us know in advance. You can reach us by phone or by using online “contact us” form.

What to bring

  • ☆What to bring
    ・Change of clothes
    ・Bring an extra T-shirt as you may get wet on this adventure. Swimwear can be worn underneath.
    ☆For those worried about sunburn
    ・Sunscreen if necessary (sea-friendly sunscreen recommended)
    ・If you are concerned about sunburn, please use long-sleeved items such as rash guards.
    – Hats and sunglasses with strings
    *In winter, items to protect you from the cold on the water (jacket, windbreaker, rash guard etc.)
    *When paddling a kayak, the wetsuit is going to keep around the waist, so the upper body is exposed to sunlight.
    *Marine boots are available free of charge.
    ☆People getting car or sea-sick easily
    Please bring your own medicine for sea sickness

Please note

  • ・Course content is subject to change, based on weather or sea conditions.
  • ・Due to safety reasons, we reserve the right to cancel your adventure with us.
  • ・Please note that there is no refund once the tour starts.
  • ・If you wish to take pictures during the adventures, we recommended you use a water-resistant camera.
    For safety do not bring your cellular phone, you might lose or break it.


Optional: Tour photo shooting service
1Group Price: 2,500yen
* We offer our customers to remember and share those unforgettable memories with a CD of pictures taken during the adventure by the guide.
You can order this service by advance or when you arrive.

Cancellation policy

  • You may cancel your reservation till the day before without the fee.
  • You will be charged a fee (100% of the expected tour cost) for the same day cancellation with your personal circumstances or no shows.
*With a personal circumstance, without the course change notice in advance

There are two ways to book.

  • *Minimum of 2 participant required.
  • *Reservations for the day before or the day of the event can be made by phone.
  • *Reservations made after the afternoon of the previous day will be made on request and will not be confirmed.
    Reservations made after the afternoon of the day before will be confirmed by phone.
  • *Reservations can be made using the application form.

Tour: Sunset Stand Up Paddle adventure

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