Shop access/We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.

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While in Onna-Village Okinawa why don't you try snorkeling and kayaking?
In Malibu beach you will find our shop named "Aruguide Okinawa".
We have a free parking in front of the shop.
Let's enjoy marine sports together.

Car navigation system
Please do not use our phone number or address to find us on your GPS or you will find yourself somewhere else, use instead the MAPCODE.
MAPCODE → 206 034 669

From Naha Airport

map1Drive north from Naha on Route 58 for around 1 hour.

Arrive at Onna Village

map2As you arrive in Onna Village, you will see the ocean and notice a small Statue of Liberty on the left-hand side.

When you see the hotel

map3Turn left when you see the Renaissance Okinawa Resort.

Arrive at Aruguide

map4Drive on this road for a little while, and you will find Aruguide on the right-hand side. We have a large parking lot for your use. Now that you have found us, it is time to set out on your adventure!

Transit time

Please ask us about our pick-up service in advance.

From the airport

Naha Airport

Get on the expressway at the Naha Interchange.

Exit at the Ishikawa Interchange (Exit 6).

When you come off the expressway, turn right onto Route 73, following signs towards Onna and Nakadomari.

After 2.2 km turn left onto Route 58 towards Kadena and Yomitan.

After 1.7 km, turn right at the Yamada intersection (towards the Renaissance Okinawa Resort).

You will find Aruguid beside Malibu Beach. It takes around 70 minutes by this route.

Naha City on the expressway

50 minutes

Naha City on surface roads

60 minutes

  • Loisir Hotel
  • Kokusai Street

Ginowan City

40 minutes

  • Laguna Garden Hotel

Chatan Town

30 minutes

  • Mihama American Village

Onna Village and Yomitan Town

Up to 20 minutes

  • Hotel Nikko Alivila
  • Okinawa Zanpa Misaki Royal Hotel
  • Hotel Moon Beach
  • Sunmarina Hotel
  • Rizzan Sea-Park Hotel Tancha-Bay
  • ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

North side of Onna Village

30 minutes

  • north side of Onna Village
  • Okinawa Kariyushi Beach Resort Ocean Spa

Nago City center

50 minutes

East side of Nago City

70 minutes

  • Kanucha Resort

Motobu Town

75 minutes

  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium
We propose to our customers unforgettable adventures,kayaking and snorkeling in Okinawa's famous Blue Cave.
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