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We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.


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Okinawa Now!!

(In Japanese)This channel provides the current information of Okinawa. Check it out before you leave.Now showing !! Live footage in front of our shop!!


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Approaching the Blue Caveby sea kayak!

You can see a lot of beautiful scenery by sea kayak. There are panoramic views of the cliffs and many large strange rocks. At the landing point, there is a huge cave.

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Handmade marine shop

The shop is located in Malibu Beach. It is a handmade adventure base. It is equipped with hot showers, changing rooms, hair dryers, and coin lockers. Relax on the terrace after your tour.

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No age limit to participate

Sea kayaking is available for children over 1 year old who can walk. Snorkeling is available for children over 100cm tall. We offer small group tours with detailed support for each guest.

Adventure map

The white sandy beach and blue ocean are right in front of you. Let's experience a tour of the great outdoors!

Adventure map
Tipi camp~malibu beach~
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We propose to our customers unforgettable adventures,kayaking and snorkeling in Okinawa's famous Blue Cave.
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