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We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.

Frequently asked questions

Can I wear glasses / contact lenses on an adventure?

We have masks with prescriptions ranging from 20/100 to 20/400, and you can use them for free. Things will be magnified by 33 percent; therefore, there will be no problems with a general mask if your vision is better than 20/40.

You can take part in our adventures wearing contact lenses if you wear disposable lenses and don’t mind if you lose them. Most people who normally use contact lenses keep them in for their adventure.

Can children participate in the adventures?

Yes, children can participate in our adventures. However, as safety is always our priority, we will make final decisions according to sea conditions on each individual adventure. Children must be over 1 year old and should be able to walk in order to take part in sea kayaking adventures. In addition, if your children want to snorkel, their height should be over 100 centimeters. Please contact us in advance if you have children who would like to participate in your adventure.

Do I need to be an experienced kayaker?

If you have never experienced kayaking, do not worry.
We will thoroughly instruct you in kayaking before going out.

Is it OK if I am not a strong swimmer?

For all our adventures, our customers will wear a life-jacket.
So if do not know how to swim, it will not be a problem.
Moreover, for our snorkeling adventure your guide will bring a float which you can hang on to.
Our guides will always be ready to help you at any time.
If you still have any worries let us know before your tour starts or when you call us to book.

Can we leave our valuables with you?

You can use a locker (cost is 200 yen) in our Marine House.

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