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We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.




Blue Cave snorkeling adventure

Blue Cave snorkeling adventure
Our shop is fully equipped.
We are located right on the beach.
You will be surprised by the colors surrounding you.
We propose this adventure in small groups so you can enjoy even more.

Blue Cave snorkeling adventure map

★Highlights of this tour★

Blue Cave snorkeling adventure Highlights of this tour_01We will bring you to the Blue Cave with our own car. We will access the sea, walking on the rocky shore.It will be fun.
Blue Cave snorkeling adventure Highlights of this tour_02As soon as we will start the snorkeling, you will be amazed by the numerous fishes ready to try to kiss your fingers.
Blue Cave snorkeling adventure Highlights of this tour_03Children must be at least 100cm. The whole family can enjoy this adventure.
Blue Cave snorkeling adventure Highlights of this tour_04It does not matter how many times you get in the Blue Cave, It always seems different and you will always be surprised. In the cave because of the reflection of the light coming from outside you will feel like the ceiling is moving.
Blue Cave snorkeling adventure Highlights of this tour_05There are nocturnal fishes in the cave and they move together .It's beautiful. There are many surprises inside,please come and check it out.

Tour details

Adventure name Blue Cave Snorkeling Adventure
Duration Around 2 hours
Check-in time ① 8:30 ② 10:30 ③ 13:30 ④ 15:00 ⑤ 16:00~17:30
※We can adjust the check-in time according to your schedule. Please contact us if you require a later or earlier check-in time.
What to bring
☆What to bring
・Swimwear and towel (needed after showering)
・Bring an extra T-shirt as you may get wet on this adventure. Swimwear can be worn underneath.
☆For those worried about sunburn
・Bring an extra T-shirt as you may get sunburned and wet on this adventure. (When we go kayaking, we will take off wet suits down to the waist, so our upper bodies are likely to see a lot of sun and get wet.) ※We supply free marine boots.
☆People getting car or sea-sick easily
Please bring your own medicine for sea sickness
price 3,800 yen


Please note

  • ・Course content is subject to change, based on weather or sea conditions.
  • ・If you wish to take pictures during the adventures, we recommended you use a water-resistant camera.
  • For safety do not bring your cellular phone, you might lose or break it.
  • ・We offer our customers to remember and share those unforgettable memories with a CD of pictures taken during the adventure by the guide.
    You can order this service by advance or when you arrive.(Price: 2,500yen)
  • ・If you are under treatment or currently ill, please check with your doctors if you can join any tour we propose and ask him to write a medical certificate.
  • ・Pregnant woman are not allowed to join any activities.
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