Welcome Teng’s sisters/アルガイド沖縄


Welcome Teng’s sisters

Welcome Teng’s sisters

This time I wanna introduce Teng's sisters.

They came to Aruguide choose the sunset tour.°˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

It's the first time they played the kayak.
And taught them how to use the paddle & how to get on the kayak.

It's a bit difficult for them, cause it's the first time they played the kayak.

After more practice, they did better for the kayak.👏👏👏

Then took them to natural environment adventure.

we saw the crabs, blue starfish, urchin, sea cucumber,...etc.

And they were not afraid to touch them.👍👍👍

They said, this rock looks like "The Queen's Head Rock" in Taiwan.(≧▽≦)

After the natural environment adventure, access to the most important part of the tour "sunset"!!!!!!♪♪

It's so beautiful, right?

Answer is "definitely".(^_-)-☆

Teng's sisters had a good time in the sunset.♡♡

Thank you Teng's sisters came to Aruguide!!!💗