Welcome Yu family/アルガイド沖縄


Welcome Yu family

Welcome Yu family

~This time introduces the Yu Family who came to Aruguide.~

 The weather is SUNNY .☀☀☀

Let's change the wet suit, and GO!!

Daddy and mommy play the kayak very well.💪💪

The boy plays the  kayak with his aunt.💪💪

The little girl plays with her mommy and aunt.💪💪

The boy said, "I'm not afraid of catch sea star".👏👏

💙Had a good time in blue cave.💙

The Boy said, "Hello Fishes, please come to my way. I wanna catch you".🐠🐠🐠

And find the anemonefish!!!🐠

This photo is so beautiful.

The little girl said," I can't go with everyone to snorkeling, but i can wear the mask take a good photo".👏👏👏

The time need to go back.

The adventure is so Fun, and we arrived safely.

The little girl fell asleep in her mother's arms .(^-ω-^)Zzz..

Thank you Yu Family came to Aruguide❣❣