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We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.




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Adventure tour of aruguide

Children must be at least 1 year old and able to walk.
There is no age limit as long as you are healthy.
We often have 3 generation family adventures.
Our guides are trained to care about everyone's special needs.
Aruguide okinawa is trying not to mix customers from different groups, so you can get an optimal personal care.
If you have any handicap let us know when you book.
Aruguide's priority is making your adventure an unforgettable one.

Adventure map of Aruguide

Adventure map of Aruguide
3088-1 Yamada (Maribu beach), Onna Village, Kunigami County, Okinawa,904-0416, Japan
We propose to our customers unforgettable adventures,kayaking and snorkeling in Okinawa's famous Blue Cave. We are a team of professional guides ready to share our knowledge with people from Japan and abroad.
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