Aruguide okinawa

We offer you the chance to witness the beauty of Okinawa’s oceans with our Blue Cave and Sea Kayak tours.

Sea kayak

Snorkelling spot
Snorkelling spot
Snorkelling and 
tropical fish
Snorkelling and 
tropical fish
Snorkelling and 
tropical fish
Blue cave Okinawa
Blue cave Okinawa
1:Departing from Marine House
2:Our adventures
3:Arriving at the Blue Cave
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Adventure Tours

Kayaking and snorkeling
in the Blue Cave adventure

From our beach and near the cliffs to the big cave,we will ride kayaks and enjoy a wonderful panorama. Arrived there, we will take a break and go discover the Blue Cave. This is our main tour and an unforgettable experience.

Kayak Bluecave From 100cm tall 3H 7,000yen(Including tax)

Blue Cave
snorkeling adventure

Our shop is fully equipped. We are located right on the beach. You will be surprised by the colors surrounding you. We propose this adventure in small groups so you can enjoy even more.

Land course Bluecave From 100cm tall 2H 3,800yen(Including tax)

Kayaking adventure

Children must be at least 1 year old and be able to walk and there is no age limit as long as you are healthy. The whole family can participate. You can enjoy the amazing landscape of Okinawa.

KayakBluecaveChild from 1 year old able to walk1.5H4,000yen(Including tax)

Longer kayaking adventure

Aruguide Okinawa is located on the beach.From the beach we will start our tour. This adventure will make you discover the secret beach,the rocks in the ocean, the big cave and many other things. Depending on the sea condition there are always different sites to go to.

KayakChild from 1 year old able to walk2H5,500yen(Including tax)

Sunset kayaking

Let's ride towards the sun. It will start to set during our ride. You will hear the waves, the birds and the wind. This is our healing tour, you will feel closer to nature.

HealingKayakChild from 1 year old able to walk2H5,000yen(Including tax)

Stand Up Paddle adventure

From the SUP if there are no waves, you can admire the wonderful coral and fishes. Let's enjoy the Okinawan landscape during a SUP adventure.

SUP12years old and over1.5H5,500yen(Including tax)

Sunset Stand Up Paddle adventure

Just before sunset, the waves and the winds usually calm down. Let's do SUP while the light goes down. The sunset SUP will make you experience a unique feeling.

HealingSUP12years old and over2H6,000yen(Including tax)


Marine House

We wanted to build Aruguide Okinawa with simple and, as much as we can, from recycled materials to be in touch with nature.
From our shop you can dive in the ocean under 5 seconds.
We have a huge parking in front of the shop, you can use our free showers, changing rooms or even our hair dryers.
We enjoy providing the best service for our customers.
After your adventures come and relax in our cafe.


Tipi Cafe

Aruguide Okinawa is located on Malibu beach, so we opened a cafe-restaurant with view on the sea named "Hamabe no Tipi Cafe" How about a relaxing time having lunch or a nice cup of coffee right in front of the sea?


Staff (In Japanese)

Aruguide Okinawa's staff introduction We are all looking forward to meeting you.

上野 怜華
上田 遼平
町谷 有佳子
浅井 亜美
石濱 誠
松崎 勇樹
中野 晃輔


MessageChildren must be at least 1 year old and able to walk.
There is no age limit as long as you are healthy.
We often have 3 generation family adventures.
Our guides are trained to care about everyone's special needs.
Aruguide okinawa is trying not to mix customers from different groups, so you can get an optimal personal care.
If you have any handicap let us know when you book.
Aruguide's priority is making your adventure an unforgettable one.

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